Credentialing Information

Before you begin the application process, please read the Information and Requirements booklet provided below:

Credentialing Information
and Requirements

Step 1

Educational Requirements

General Guidelines

There are basically three ways to satisfy the educational requirements for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God:

1. Attend an Assemblies of God college, as a biblical studies major, ministerial studies major, or other church-related major.

Under this option, the requirements are as follows:


For Certified Minister               ➙           Two full years completed

For Licensed Minister               ➙           Three full years completed

For Ordained Minister             ➙           Four full years completed


2. Take the prescribed correspondence courses from Berean School of the Bible or Berean University for the level of credential you are seeking.

For the requirements under this option, see page 15 of the Credentialing Information and Requirements Booklet.

3. Attend any other college, university or institution.

Under this option, Bible and ministry-related courses you have completed must be comparatively matched by the District Office against the Berean requirements on the following pages. Credit will be given for similar courses, if the level of study is at least as extensive as the Berean courses. Once course matching is complete, any unmatched courses from the Berean list must be taken to satisfy the education requirements. If the District Office is unfamiliar with the institution from which your transcript is received, you may be required to supply a catalogue with course descriptions from the institution so the District Office can make accurate evaluations of course content.

Step 2

Request an Application

In order to receive an application:

  1. Fill out the Application Request form below.
  2. Have your Pastor send us a statement recommending you as a candidate for credentials via email (
  3. Send a copy of your official transcript to the district office.

Application Request Form

Application Request Form


Step 3

Submit Application

Each Folder requires a password to access the contents.  You will be contacted with the appropriate password after you have completed Step 2.

Once you have completed the application, it and the following items MUST BE MAILED to the Nebraska District Council Office:

  • Completed Application
  • Background Check Release Form
  • Information Authorization & Release Form
  • Spouse Information Authorization & Release Form
  • Copy of your Social Security Card
  • Picture
  • Application Fee

*If any items are missing or incomplete we will be unable to process the application until it is complete

Application Fees

Certified Level            $120

License Level              $130

Ordination Level        $140

Mailing Address:


PO Box 1965

Grand Island NE, 68802

Step 4


Once the mandated background check is completed the district office will send out the reference forms to the individuals you have listed on your application. The forms need to be returned to the district office. When we have received back all the reference forms the District Superintendent or District Secretary will review the applicant’s file and approve the applicant for the written exam, or stipulate what is needed for approval to take place.

Step 5


Once approval has been granted you will need to contact your presbyter to set up a time to take the exam. After you have taken the exam the presbyter will score the exam and return it to the district office.

If a passing score (70%) is not achieved, the applicant may request an opportunity to retake the exam within one month of the next cycle’s written exam deadline.

If the applicant receives a passing score, the district office notifies the applicant of the date, time and location of his/her oral interview.

Step 6


If the applicant receives a passing score on the exam, the district office notifies the applicant of the date, time and location of his/her oral interview.

The applicant will be interviewed by members of the Credential Committee. If married, the spouse must appear with the applicant. Children should not attend.

Important Dates