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Our Men’s Discipleship resources will focus on four unique dimensions of manhood and have three spiritual growth levels that allow men to grow in Christ through personal study, small group focus, or workplace settings.

Four Dimensions of Manhood


Find your place in Christ regardless of your past or the questions you have about God.


Deepen your relationships with your family and friends.


Courageously fulfill your place in serving the Lord.


Seek Deeper commitment and lead the next generation in the fullness of Christ.

Three Spiritual Growth Levels


Men who are discovering Christ or taking their first steps in Christ.


Men who currently have a relationship with Christ and are actively involved in their home and local church.


Men who are engaged in spiritual leadership/mentorship and committed to invest in the next generation of men.

Kevin Roach

Kevin Roach

Men's Ministries

The Vision:

The vision of Men’s Ministries is to equip men to discover and fulfill a Spirit Empowered Life in their home, church, and marketplace.


What do we care about?


Our desire is to help men have the COURAGE to explore and begin their walk with Christ, the STRENGTH to develop the lifestyle that enhances the discipleship patterns of Christ, and the ENDURANCE to life a victorious life that Allows their family, friends, colleagues and the younger generation to find their fulfillment in Christ.

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