The Nebraska School of Ministry is a member in good standing with the Association of District Schools of Ministry which is endorsed by the Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God.  It is also recognized and approved by the Presbytery of the Nebraska District Council.


The Nebraska School of Ministry subscribes fully to the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God and commits itself to proclaim and support the principles and the policies of the Assemblies of God.

The General Presbytery has approved a specific set of courses for each level of ministerial credentials.  The courses offered by NESOM meet all District and General Council educational requirements for each level.  However, completion of a certain level does not automatically qualify the student for a credential.  There are several other requirements that must be fulfilled before a ministerial credential can be granted by the District Presbytery.


NESOM is not a college or university.  Individuals who want a college degree are encouraged to attend an endorsed Assemblies of God college or university.  NESOM is not an accredited school and its courses are not recognized by Assemblies of God colleges or universities.  However, NESOM courses can be transferred to Berean School of the Bible (Global University) as part of their ministerial credentialing track.

Even though textbooks come from Berean School of the Bible (Global University), the Nebraska School of Ministry is solely responsible for assuring that students meet the standards established for each course.  Records are kept in the District Office.  Student transcripts are issued through NESOM.  This is a district-based school and all students are considered students of NESOM.