Open Church Policy

The Nebraska District Council uses a distinct process to match pastors with churches rather than publish an open church list.  The process includes the following steps:

Step 1

A potential pastoral candidate sends his/her resume and letter of good standing from the home district to the Nebraska District Council office.


Step 2

In return, the Nebraska District sends the potential pastoral candidate a Pastor’s Relational Data form. This form is very important because it goes beyond the limits of a resume to help the District Superintendent know the servant heart and ministry vision of the potential pastoral candidate. Once this is completely filled out, it is returned to the Superintendent.


Step 3

The church that has a pastoral vacancy is doing a self-study and a profile for their future pastor. This is also sent to the District Superintendent.


Step 4

4. If the potential pastoral candidate’s profile and the church’s self-study are in reasonably close alignment, the resume and Pastoral Relational Data form will be forwarded to the General Council church or to those responsible for assisting the District Council church in their search.


Step 5

If the Holy Spirit prompts further exploration, the pastoral candidate will be contacted by the Pastoral Search Team and will be asked to provide additional information for them to prayerfully assess. They will also send its self-study to the pastoral candidate. It will be up to the Pastoral Search Team to make the decision as to whether the process should move to more serious levels.